Behaviour For Learning


At Oaklands we work hard on ensuring that good learning follows from the good behaviour of our children.  Through the child, parents and carers, and school working together, we have a poistive and calm learning environment for all our children to learn.


Behaviour policy

To make sure that our pupil’s behaviour ensures good learning, we have a clear positive behaviour policy built on reinforcing ‘Green Learning’ behaviour while ensuring inappropriate behaviour is discussed and deal with in an appropriate manner. 

We use restorative apporaches to ensure that all parties involved have chance to discuss incidents and be part of solving them.

Click the link below to find our Behavior Policy or our Children’s version written by the Junior Leadership Team.

Oaklands Positive Behaviour Policy

Oaklands Positive Behaviour Policy For Kids (Written by the JLT)

Good To Be Green

We work hard to not only reward good behaviour but also work with families if there are behaviours which are not acceptable.  Here is a brief overview of the Green Positive Pathway as well as the stages which we follow to work with parents and children who are having difficulties.   


We are firmly against any form of bullying.  We have a simple definition of bullying and what to do if they are being effected by it:


It is incredibly important for you your child or yourself to speak to a member of staff, either their class teacher, LSA or one of the senior members of staff at the first instance that something troubles your child.  This way, the school will be able to speak to the people invovled and ensure that solutions are put into place to make your child happy at school.

For more information, follow this link to the DfE website which will give you guidance on the law and issues around bullying.  As well as that, below are links to organisations if you are concerned about bullying.  Please remember, the first port of call must be the school so we are aware.

Please read the school’s anti-bullying policy

Start Telling Other People

We work hard to ensure if there are any worries, we deal with them as soon as possible.  We offer workshops with parents and children if they have fallen out with someone or worries about bullying. 

You can use the contact page opposite to get in touch if you have worries. 

Some useful videos…

The Difference Between Equal and Fair

Some people wonder why we have to work differently with different children.  This short video helps explain the difference between equal and fair and why some children need different things to other children.