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Tadpole Class

Mrs Brace 

Orca Class

Mrs Cullum

Minke Whale

Miss Manewell &
Mrs Collier Ward

Key Stage 1

Little Owl

Miss Manewell &
Mrs Akehurst

Sea Turtle

Miss Gould


Miss Butler &
Mrs Beer


Mrs Luck

Lower Key Stage 2

Eagle Ray

Mrs Obray

Fallow Deer

Mrs Maple


Mrs Shears


Miss Coomber
& Miss Rogers

Upper Key Stage 2

Red Squirrel

Miss Lynn

Atlantic Puffin

Mr Gladwell

Beluga Whale

Miss Bowie

May Bug

Mr Tovell

Click on this link for the schools Parent Handbook with useful information about the school.

Parents & carers are the child’s first educators and so at Oaklands you are equal partners in your child’s education.

We believe that you are the key to your child’s achieving their full potential.  If you ever have any questions or want to know how to help more, come and see your class teacher on the Meet & Greet playground. 

We believe fully in working with the family.  when the school, home and child work together in partnership, we see great successes for the child. 


For this to happen, we invite you in as much as we can so that you can share your child’s learning with them.  As well as coming in, the school has many ways to keep you informed of all the exciting learning we have at Oaklands.

As a parent, there are several things you can do to help your child: 


Regular attendance is your responsibility. Monitoring attendance is ours.

Your child has an entitlement to an education and it can only be successful through regular school attendance.  Any period of absence disrupts a child’s learning.  Every lesson of your child’s education is very important and regular, punctual attendance at school will ensure a full and active participation in that education. 

Speak to Leigh Cawe if you have any questions about your child’s Attendance or visit the Pupil Attendance Page

Listening to your child read

One of the most helpful and worthwhile things you can do is listen to your child read every day.  Even just a few minutes each day just before bed or while you’re cooking will ensure that your child keeps up their ‘Reading Milestone’ which is one of most important aspects of learning to read.  

Remember our Library is open everyday for your child to read and also after school for families to visit. 

Helping your child at home

The school runs a secure site called the Kent Learning Zone (KLZ).  On this site, you will find a page dedicated to Parent & Carers with information and advice of how to help your child. 

Visit or click on the KLZ logo.

If you have mislaid your log in details, speak to the office or Carol Curtis for help. 

We run a weekly workshop for parents based on a whole range of different topics and are designed to help you help your child. The workshops are on a range of different topics to help you understand what, why and how we teach. 


Insisting on ‘Green Learning’ Behaviour

Your child’s behaviour being appropriate is so important for their own and others’ learning.  As the parent, it is your responsibility to make sure that they understand this and reward them for their good behaviour.   This is important at the start and end of the day as well at busy places such as the Meet & Greet playground.  

If there are problems, the school will contact you to work together to help your child make improvements. 

If you need help in this contact Carol Curtis who will be able to offer advice and support.