Questions, Compliments or Complaints

We work hard with our community to make the best possible learning experience for our children.  However, from time to time, there may be something which you do not agree with or we may make a mistake.

We like to think that as being part of the Oaklands TEAM, we can discuss and solve any problem. In the first instance, please speak to your child’s class teacher. If you still have questions, speak to one of the senior leadership team who will be happy to talk to you.

For our full complaints policy, click on the link below. We insist that it is followed in full and each stage if taken to resolve any complaint.

Questions or compliments


If you have any questions or compliments, please feel free to complete the form opposite.  If you have a complaint, although you may use this form, it would be far better to speak to us as soon as possible and we will b able to discuss it. 

We aim to reply to any message if required within 1 working day.

A Step by Step guide to the resolve problems 

The Complaints Policy 

As we team, we want to solve any complaint as quickly as we can so that we can continue to work together effectively for your child’s learning.  In most cases, speaking to your class teacher is the first step. 

We have an ‘open door’ policy and so if you come to school, you will usually be able to speak to someone who will help you.  

To read the complaints policy, click on this link.